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  • Lee's Summit Child care

Free Enrollment & Great Rates

Contact us to find out more about our low, competetive tuition rates. You'll also be able to enroll your child for FREE! Little Learner does not charge registration or enrollment fees.

Our excellent preschool program, innovative enrichment activities and classes, healthy menus, affordable rates and reputation for great overall care of children makes Little Learner the perfect solution for your childcare needs.

Daycare in Lee's Summit, MO

Creating New ways to engage kids

At Little Learner, we always looking for new, innovative ideas for our classrooms and students.

Lee's Summit Childcare Healthier Daycare Menu Choices

We are very health conscious at Little Learner and our goal is to balance healthy food choices with kid-friendly meals and snacks that our students will enjoy. Read More.

Lee's Summit Preschool Intro to Spanish

We begin teaching basic Spanish vocabulary in our 2’s room and slowly incorporate more words, phrases and cultural themes as our students move into our older preschool classrooms. Read More.

Lee's Summit Childcare Baby Sign Language

There are many benefits in using sign language with babies and toddlers. Babies can immediately communicate their needs which lessens frustration and crying. Read More.

Lee's Summit child care Kids Yoga Program

As our society becomes more and more busy and rushed, it is imperative that our children have a chance to slow down. Yoga is not only good for adults but for our kids too.
Read More.

Kids Love Our Programs

We have several programs to engage students while inspiring creativity and keeping them active.

Little Learner is a host for fun enrichment programs offered by respected businesses in our community.

Lee's Summit Daycare Education Program

The Emerging Language and Literacy Curriculum (ELLC) is the foundation for our early childhood education program. Learn more.

Childcare Lee's Summit, MO

Preschool Compuchild

Classes are for ages 3 through 6 years old. Beginning computer terms, functions and concepts are covered through fun, interactive games. Read More.

Lee's Summit DaycareKindermusic

Music, movement and instruments are introduced to children ages 2 through 6 years old. Read More.

Quality Childcare

We have customized and created a school-like environment with large classrooms, lots of windows, huge outdoor play area and elevated security so your children can have an experience they can grow on.

Little Learner provides stable and consistent leadership, knowledgeable and experienced guidance and constant daily interaction between teachers, students and parents.

Read More.

Lee's Summit Childcare Summer Camp

Now planning cool fieldtrips, exciting activities and entertaining days for this summer!!!

Look for more information to be listed in the newsletter.


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